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DataPoint offers a comprehensive range of B2B sales consulting services. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized strategy that suits their business needs and helps them achieve their sales goals.

Sales Strategy

Our team of sales experts will work with you to develop a digital sales strategy that is tailored to your business needs. We will help you identify new sales opportunities, optimize your sales processes, and improve your sales performance.

Sales Acquisition

We are here to provide complex sales acquisition services for clients in various fields of business.

If you have limited sales department manpower or problems with new sales leads structure or volume, we have an experience and setup to fix this and provide you with new opportunities.

Database building

Database building in DataPoint is always tailor-made for specific client and project. We provide our clients with valuable sales leads and data in structure and format that best suits their needs. All databases are client´s property after the project and are closed for reselling.

Market Research

DataPoint can help you conduct in-depth research on your target market. Our team of experts will provide you with valuable insights and data that can help you make informed business decisions and be for future use for both B2B sales or marketing.

E-mail marketing

Online B2B communication is mostly driven by mailing. With us you can get professional personalized mailing or a systematized quantitative approach with broad reach, as you project or business goals require. We focus only on direct to inbox mailing services.


We can provide you with results oriented texts for:

- mailing communication,

- sales acquisition packages,

- company presentations,

- brand presentations,

- websites,

- business blogs,

- newsletters.

Web development

For all the companies, decent online presence is necessary. We can help you with basic web development combining professional designers, copywriters, and technical support. All our webpages come with easy access for administrator and basic SEO and UX/UI practices involved.

Graphic design

We offer very convenient and price effective graphic design services specifically aimed for B2B companies and smaller to mid clients. You will no longer need to look for individual and more costly solutions for all of the DTP and online graphics, posters, newsletters, employee or client communication.

Social media

Basic social media presence is necessary to remain relevant also for B2B companies but require completely different approach than B2C communication. In Data Point we specialize on profile development as well as administration for B2B clients on Faecbook and LinkedIn.

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