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  • Erik Bospor

How to write perfect cold-calling e-mails

Writing of cold-calling e-mails is sometimes a little bit of a nightmare for sales professionals. Every managing director or company owner perfectly knows how hard it is to motivate sales teams to attract new customers instead of working with existing ones. Especially in situation, when new sales acquisition is not the only responsibility of specific team members.

Precisely written cold-calling texts make everything easier as these generate higher reply rates and so the team remains motivated, avoids frustration and most importantly bring NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES to your company.

In DataPoint, we can provide you with tailor-made cold-calling mails written by professionals with experience in this specific field of business. We do not follow specific set of rules, because every client and business situation is unique and we believe that being specific is the most important key to be impactful and get attention. Although, we were able to identify basic criteria to keep in your mind, that can help to keep your communication perfect:

  1. Be specific - specify your product, benefits, reasons to choose you, what is your uniqueness or competitive advantage?

  2. Keep it short and simple - avoid empty phrases, review each word in your mail and cut out everything that is not necessary to tell.

  3. Define the goals - write down your main goal or any additional ones you want to achieve with your communication and keep it in mind specifically while writing.

  4. Know your recipient - being personal is not only about greeting someone with their name. Make your research properly and get to know the most you can about your recipient. Let them know why have you chosen them.

  5. Motivate them to write back - do not say your regards and goodbyes. Leave the conversation open and ask questions.

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